Can You Make Money Blogging? (Best Practical Guide)

Money money money!....

If you are new to blogging and going to blog Consistently. 

First, I welcome you. Because you come to the right place to earn money.

Can I make money in blogging? The answer is obviously yes.

In this article, I am going to explain the 5 tips for earning money in blogging.

What are the ways to make money in blogging?

There are many ways to make money in blogging. Here the below list of few things.

  1. Ad Network

  2. Affiliates marketing

  3. E-book

  4. Online Course.

  5. Run campaigns for products.

A few years back blogging is a kind of hobby, People did an addition to working full-time jobs. Now Things changed.  Some people start blogging as a hobby and turn into full-time carriers. Blogging is one of the ways to earn money online easily. Now we can discuss the simple steps 

Before Blogging, you must follow this step.

  • How to niche your topic?.
  • How much you learned from your topic? Read more and Write more.
  • what kind of digital marketing technique did you use?

Your digital marketing techniques, consistency, and contents there are the three main things that will help you to drive you fastly in your blogging journey. 

Now Let discuss the money earning tips

Ad Network.

 Displaying ad in your blog and get monetizing is a widely and effective method to use in your blog. Two methods to get an ad from your blog

    As a beginner stage, u must get approval from these ads networks. They will display an advertisement related to the topic and also base on your interest. They will send payout depends on the click on the ad by the user.

Content is the king, Here how niche your content is important because you will get your audience size accordingly. if your audience size will be increased means you can try a direct advertisement from the product owner. It will generate a good income.

Affiliates marketing

Affiliate marketing is one of the best ways to earn money from your blog. Most bloggers and YouTubers are generating profitable revenue from affiliate marketing. I mentioned some of the affiliate marketing sites. Please find below

  1. Amazon Affiliate program

  2. ShareASale

  3. Shopify

  4. Flipkart Affiliate program



You need to register the affiliate partner program and share your link in your blog. If someone purchases a product by using your link you will get a commission for the sales amount. Another thing is u can use your affiliate link to blogging platforms and query asking sites like Quora and Facebook pages and telegram groups.


Sell your E-Books


Most bloggers sell their books online and earn money you need to pick up the one topic and convert the topic into an e-book and sell that book on an online platform and earn money.


“You can create a systematic book and sell it in your blog and amazon kindle.”






Another way is trying to learn one skill and teach that skill to other people. And try to make a 1-2 hr video about your topic.


 Many platforms are there like udemy, Thinkific, and so on. So teach your expertise skill to all and write the book accordingly and sell your book to your students and earn money. You can start a youtube channel and convert your book into video format and start uploading videos on your channel and earn money.

Run campaign and services


You can collaborate with the brand and try to reach their product into their target audience by using advertisement running or giveaways to establish their products. It is a good way to earn from blogging.


Already I mention before to learn some unique skills. Now we use those skills to offer services to the people and turn into revenue. If your good in content writing and logo designing means offering them to create logos and earn money from your services.



There are a lot of ways to earn in blogging, I cover only a few topics in these sections stay tuned for my next updates. 


The main thing is we need to entertain the people who read your articles.

Give a catchy headline and set first 2 to 3 line sentences effectively, because those lines will help you to the reader will continue or not. So try to stick the user for a long time, Be conscious of that and be patient.


                        HAPPY BLOGGING


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