What is the time? The only thing which never comes again. Time is the key which you can use it well it will glow you like a sun. Time is decided your life if you work hard at the correct time as like at the age of teen you can study better then u get a good course and get a good life. Don't rush into time be persistent and do your work with full dedication and faith. It will come to you at the perfect time one thing is you can make hard work what you want at the suitable timing.

Don't compare with other some of them get settled in life soon it does not mean you never reach that destination. every successful person reaches their level in their middle age not their young age formation of diamond takes time. Life is not a fantasy everything comes under in a one night be patience. It hard but at the end is heaven.

An effective way of using time is don't let the work do it after sometimes. Do the work today don't postpone your work. Try to do your tomorrow work today itself if you follow this you live your 50 yr of life in 25 years.
Use your time effectively and become a fortune in your life.
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