Education May Fail

In India education system is differing from various states one group of peoples are studying high range of syllabus than others.Compare to public sector private school are propounding good education.But students are come out and struggle because of not an understandable learning.many of the schools are focusing on result they don’t have a look how much the things reach to the students , nowadays kids learning are when give an essay on swimming they have capable to memorize a 200 words to write an essay But they don’t how to swim. In every children have a dream but few parents are allow and encourage them to lead a successful path rest of them are becoming engineer.They borrow a P.T periods and teach a maths class and they feel India won’t got a gold medal in Olympics . Problem is they don’t have an awareness to learn what it is? why we learn . Education is one of the part in our life don’t force them to study encourage them what he/she really interested to do . They are lot of way to become a star in life not only education can do the real interest and hard work can lead you to success.
When the person realize who i am then he become a successful . First find our passion and get a plan to improve work hard in it improve a knowledge in it keep on thinking it automatically lead you in success path.

“Dream is not the thing you see in sleep but is that thing that doesn’t let you sleep.”

Never give up it takes times but the end is stunning .
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